Lindale High School Chosen as Honor Roll School


Photo Courtesy of Educational Results Partnership

The Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll Logo. 943 schools across the state were chosen due to their success in math, language arts, and science.

Zach Jones, Assistant Editor of Sports and Copy

On January 19, Lindale High School was chosen as a 2019-2020 honor roll school from the Educational Results Partnership. The Texas Honor Roll recognized 943 higher-performing schools in the state as higher-performing 

“We are a nonprofit organization that uses data science to accelerate improvement in the public schools,” Educational Results Partnership President Jim Lanich said. “These schools focus on achievement and are very intentional with their teaching; they have high expectations of the learners so as to not compromise results and ensure that both students and learners can excel.”

The schools are chosen based on their ability to maintain high-level performance in language arts, science, and mathematics. Schools are also evaluated on their ability to reduce the achievement gap among historically disadvantaged students.

“I think any time our campus is included in any positive recognition such as this, from a local or state level it reassures us that we are providing the best atmosphere for educational success we can,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “I believe our staff is the best in the state of Texas and our students strive overall each day to make a positive impact on those around them.”

Velma Penny, College Street Elementary, and Lindale Junior High also received the prestigious award. The list of recipient schools can be found here.

“I was very pleased to learn that we have been included in the few schools to receive this recognition,” Chilek said. “We are blessed with a very supportive community which directly impacts our campus’ ability to continually excel.