CMA Class Job Shadows at Local Hospitals


Seniors Ally Burroughs and Jaycee Moss eat out at McAlister’s Deli after job shadowing. “I am very excited to keep doing this considering medicine is the field I am looking in to,” Moss said. “This is a great way to get a taste of what I will be doing as my career.”

Brady Blaylock, Managing Editor of Videography

Students in the CMA classes participated in job shadowing through Volunteer Services at Trinity Mother Frances (TMF) on January 15. They will continue to do so every other week for the remainder of the year.

“Shadowing is the only way to know what is interesting and might be a good fit for a student,” CMA teacher Sally Clemmons said. “Learning in the classroom cannot replace being in a hospital and observing the many different occupations. This will help them make good decisions regarding their futures. It can also lead to job opportunities after graduation from LHS.”

Students choose which departments they would like to shadow and have rotations scheduled. A few departments include Pre-OP and Post-OP, Orthopedics, Nursing, Oncology, CAT scans, MRI, Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Sonography and more.

“I encourage all students to shadow in whatever field they are interested in, and most adults are glad to have them around and will answer questions,” Clemmons said. “It really helps young people see what actually goes on daily in a specific career, as well as qualifications needed and education.”

Due to Covid, students are not able to shadow in large groups like usual, so the departments available for shadowing are limited. Students at all times are required to wear masks and face shields.

“We are grateful to be allowed into the hospital in any capacity,” Clemmons said.

Job shadowing leads to multiple job opportunities. Several graduates from Lindale work at TMF as Unit Techs because of their CMA certification and job shadow experience throughout high school.

“It is valuable to learn from the healthcare professionals they are shadowing,” Clemmons said. “They gain knowledge from asking questions.”