StuCo Hosts Fundraiser for LHS Coach Battling Illness [Updated]

“I am blown away by the generosity of our students and staff,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “I am so proud to live in a community that cares for each other like Lindale does. We hope this money helps alleviate a little bit of the burden the family has been going through during this hard time.”

Caroline Phillips, Assistant Editor of Sports, Social Officer

Updated, 1/8/2021:

Student Council presidents Bethany Deupree and Wake Thrasher-Evers went to each campus and picked up the final donations for the Hat Day for Coach Gray event.  The final total of donations from students, faculty, and staff was $5943.44. Campus totals included: LHS: $1938, LJH: $750, EJM: $1668, VPE: $661, CSE: $421, and ECC $463.  A second ‘Jean Day’ fundraiser by the high school faculty will conclude on Monday.  Currently, that total is over $1100 in donations.

Originally Published, 1/6/2021:

     The Student Council will host a fundraiser Friday to raise funds for head athletic trainer Travis Gray who is in the hospital in Dallas battling an illness.  In order to participate, students from all campuses across the district may bring $1 to donate, and in return they will be able to wear a hat for the day.

     “This is a great way for all of our students to get involved in helping the Gray family,” student council sponsor Reneé Ramsey said. “I hope everyone will participate and enjoy wearing their favorite hat.”

       High school students who choose to participate must pay in the foyer in front of the office. Their hands will then be stamped and they will be approved to wear a hat in the building.  A fund has been set up at Southside Bank to accept the donations. All proceeds will be given directly to the Gray family.

     “Gray is an amazing trainer,” acting trainer John Phillips said. “We are all praying for his family right now, and are thankful for the work he has put into these students.”

Neighboring school district, Brownsboro ISD is also joining the fundraiser and will allow their students to wear hats for a donation to the Gray family as well.

According to the BISD Facebook page, “Brownsboro ISD is joining forces with Lindale Independent School District because we all love the Gray family and this fight is about coming together, no matter what colors you wear or who you cheer for.”

LHS Student Council presidents Bethany Deupree and Wake Thrasher-Evers will go to each campus on Friday to collect the donations.

             “Coach Gray and his family have made such an impact on our staff over the course of this year,” principal Jeremy Chilek said. “We want them to know how much we love and support them during this difficult time and are hoping the proceeds from this hat day can assist them in his recovery.”


Photo by BBH