Senior Wins Art Scholarship

Art depicts a character with caution tape around a crime scene inside the mind. Grace Barr drew this piece and entered it in her portfolio.

Conner Belcher, Staff Writer

Senior Grace Barr won a $500 art scholarship from the A&M Commerce Department of Art. She submitted a digital portfolio and entered the Fall Art Day Portfolio Art Scholarship Competition, winning third place. 

 “I was excited to receive it,” senior Grace Barr said. “I was in English and I wasn’t having a good day then I got an email that was congratulating me on winning.”

  The competition ended October 17 and the winners were sent their prizes as they were judged. Students were asked to submit 8-10 digital pieces of artwork to be judged overall.

  “I just entered because I found out about the contest from Mrs. Harrison,” Barr said. “I have many pieces and I like money, so why not enter? I didn’t really expect to win.”

   Each piece submitted had to be of the artists’ own original work. The ten she chose were her own and showcase her skills and time put into her work.

     “I went through a whole bunch of digital pieces in my portfolio,” Barr said. “I wasn’t sure what to enter, but I ended up choosing ten pieces of mine from throughout the year that displayed the diversity of my art skills.”