Key Club Hold Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Caroline Phillips , Assistant Editor of Sports, Social Officer

The Key Club will hold the annual pumpkin decorating contest Oct. 25-30. Each group can submit a pumpkin with a unique design, and students will begin voting for their favorite pumpkin on Oct. 25.

“I think the pumpkin decorating competition brings together all the clubs and organizations in our school together,” Key Club member Hope Nelms said. “It is a really good way to let the student body know which clubs we have and what they are about.”

Each club, organization, and CTE class has a week to prepare a pumpkin for the competition. All entries must be submitted before October 25 so they can be voted on.

“The pumpkin decorating also brings club members together,” Nelms said. “While you decorate, you get to know each other better.”

Each organization will be able to submit a pumpkin starting on Oct. 21. The winning pumpkin will receive a prize bucket with candy and other goodies.

“My class in the past has done multiple designs for a pumpkin,” construction technology teacher John Phillips said. “I have always wanted to submit a pumpkin carved from wood because it would play off of the woodshop theme.”

The only restrictions regarding the contest are that the pumpkin must be designed only by the students with no outside help from other groups or organizations and no carving is allowed. 

“I am excited to see how all the pumpkins turn out,” senior Abby Van-Andel said. “Every year it is always something new from everyone. Plus, it gets everyone in the Halloween spirit.”