Teachers and StuCo Open 1995 Time Capsule

Teachers and StuCo Open 1995 Time Capsule

They push open the new doors and walk into the large, open foyer. It seems so huge when compared to their current school.  The students joke and shove each other around, narrowly avoiding the roped off eagle on the floor. This is their new high school. They know they’ll only be here for the final semester of their high school career, but the memories they make will begin a legacy for all other classes to follow.

Six representatives from the class of 1995 opened the time capsule that was placed into the outer wall of the high school in 1995. The time capsule had been put there as a way to commemorate the seniors who went through the school move from EJ Moss to the new high school. Included in the capsule were two vhs tapes, a class shirt, and a class roster.  

“I had really great memories in high school,” teacher Betsy Campbell said. “Being drum major I feel that I learned a lot of leadership skills from then, and the closeness of being the in band [was] awesome.”

Right before Christmas break in 1994, the students teamed up with teachers to help them pack and move over to the freshly built high school. Anyone who had a truck would take over large items like desks and others would help cart over textbooks and teaching supplies.

“I just remember that we all helped out, and I don’t know that we would do the same thing today,” teacher Stephanie Myrick said. “We got out of school one day right before Christmas break and we all just started throwing desks in and whatever else we could do to help.”

 That year, the volleyball team went to state and the whole town got involved in the celebration. Two of the coaches even let their players cut their hair.

“We had ladies that were there watching us to make sure that we didn’t destroy our coach’s hair,” Myrick said. “[Wheeler] cut it so short that it was hard to repair. I even think tears were shed at some point.”

COVID-19 restrictions prevented the rest of the class from being able to host a time capsule reunion.  To keep the same opening year,  six teachers were chosen to represent their graduating class, open the time capsule, and provide the other members with the experience as best as possible.

“I would say [we had] a close class,” teacher Stacie Wheeler said. “Everything about high school was fun. We had slumber parties and get-togethers, and you know just a lot of great, great memories, [of]  times with all [of us] together, all the time.”


Stay tuned for more footage from the time capsule VHS tapes in an upcoming story about times Then vs. Now.  The raw footage will also be stored digitally for the Class of 1995 to enjoy at their next reunion.

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