School Adds Permanent Subs


Photo By Andrew Velarde

Substitute Russel Davis subs in place of Coach Meredith Grant. He has been one of three permanent substitutes on campus from the beginning of the school year.

Caroline Phillips , Assistant Editor of Sports, Social Officer

Due to COVID-19, the school has added having permanent substitutes hired for the remainder of the year or until further notice.

“It is crucial [that] we have someone to fill in for our teachers,” CTE administrative assistant Laura Blackwell said. “If a teacher is out we need someone to be able to fill in for them as soon as possible, and having permanent substitutes serve that role.”

The roles of these substitutes are to replace any teachers who are out sick. The school switched over to using them because many substitutes were considered at risk according to the CDC guidelines.

“We have used them every single day,” Blackwell said. “I am thankful these people are here everyday given the circumstances.”

The school has three permanent substitutes on campus at all times. Each one of them is familiar with the high school’s code of conduct and are well-suited and experienced in the classroom.

“Having the permanent substitutes is easier than having regular substitutes because they understand what we expect from the start,” Blackwell said. “Hopefully, we can get through this though, and return back to normal.”