Education Foundation Postpones Grant Distribution

Photo from the 2019 Grant Distribution. The 2020 awards have been postponed due to the Covid crisis.

Brock Hines, Staff Writer

The  Education Foundation will reschedule the 2020 grants distribution. Representatives are now deciding on a new date after the coronavirus pandemic passes. 

“The mission of the  Education Foundation is to create and sustain a visionary coalition of businesses,”  executive director Courtney Sanguinetti said. “ [This also allows] citizens [to] generate investments and funding for innovative programs and initiatives that enrich and inspire educational and leadership opportunities that will benefit the students and teachers.” 

The Education Foundation was founded in 2009. The goal was to encourage students in learning and support staff in their curriculum by providing grants for innovative learning. 

“In placing an emphasis on creating a perpetual source of funding, a percent of all undesignated contributions will be set aside as an endowment,” Sanguinetti said.   “As this endowment grows, it will eventually provide a secure source of educational funds for funding programs from interest earned on invested capital, keeping the endowment intact.”

Since it began in 2009, the Education Foundation has donated over $300,000 in grants to teachers. Much of the funds go to teachers to benefit individual curriculums that the state does not provide funding for.

“In the state’s economy, most school districts no longer have discretionary funds for services and activities that exceed minimum needs and requirements,” Sanguinetti said. “The situation calls for finding new resources to assist in building and increasing excellence.”

The foundation also recognizes outstanding teachers who have benefited the learning of their students. This encourages students to have the best learning environment which increases the quality of education throughout the school district. 

“The Lindale Independent School District has developed a quality educational program that provides students with enrichment, acceleration and attention to special needs,” Sanguinetti said. “Sustaining excellent educational programs and services requires technology, laboratories, cultural experiences, up-to-date occupational and technical equipment, resource materials and primarily, outstanding teachers.”

The Education Foundation also has other programs to encourage a culturally diverse learning experience. Some of these programs include recognizing the top ten graduates, sponsoring the Cornerstone Club, and performing the ACT showcases each fall.

“The Lindale Education Foundation has such a dramatic effect on our learning as students,” junior Matthew Abrameit said. “Without [the Education Foundation], Lindale’s reputation for excellence would be dramatically different.”