Is America Too Reliant on Foreign Products? [Con]

Is America Too Reliant on Foreign Products? [Con]

An increasing number of Americans are beginning to formulate their opinions regarding whether or not we rely on too much foreign manufacturing and should focus more on American-made products. We are not too reliant on foreign products, and we need to focus on technology and research instead.

When the United States focuses more on being self-sufficient, it tends to block out many technological advances that could better the Earth. This is because when America begins to make things only within their borders they have to work specifically to catch up on manufacturing old imports at the speed in which other countries made them. The United States will end up falling behind in making advances that would deal with cleaner energy and eventually lessen the carbon footprint it puts out. Without the focus on making these innovations, not only are scientists and researchers harmed but so is the earth.

America is not one of the leading innovators by themselves in the medical field. This means that if the United States decided to focus on being self-sufficient, they would ultimately miss out on medical technologies that could save Americans lives that were made by other countries. During a time as pressing as this one with the coronavirus, the shared medical advances are one of the best ways to save thousands of lives. By focusing on only manufacturing within the United States, more lives are at risk because American scientists are less likely to make technological advances as quickly as other countries’ scientists.

The opposition states that focusing more on American-made products would better the economy. However, the economy would benefit more if there are more clean energies and healthy people. The more healthy people in the country, the more people are going to circulate money in the economy.

We are not too reliant on foreign products. Instead, we need to focus on technology and research instead, because it would ultimately better our citizens and economy.

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