What to Do During Quarantine

What to Do During Quarantine

Being stuck in your household for weeks on end can be a hassle, but just as Rapunzel said in Tangled  “Come on Pascal, It’s not so bad in there.” In all honesty, when I was assigned to write this I didn’t know where to start, so with the help of Tangled, I came up with nine things to do during quarantine. 

  Even with a global epidemic going on, that shouldn’t stop anyone from being productive and using their time in positive pursuits. 

  1. Cleaning.  I know this sounds like a hassle, but we should all consider the long term junk we have scattered throughout our rooms. Stop, take some time to relax, turn on some music and clean up your room. 
  2. Cooking. It can be therapeutic and just all-around better than ordering a pizza online. Cooking also provides a reward at the end, allowing the chef to feel accomplished and improve mental health. It’s another way of saving money and staying more healthy. 
  3. Working Out. Since you cannot leave the house during this trying time, physical health is a crucial part of staying at home and remaining healthy. To stay healthy, you have to eat properly, drink plenty of water and do simple yet consistent home workouts. With the help of YouTube, you can do workouts at your house to maintain your health.   
  4. Download Duolingo. Duolingo is an app on your smartphone that allows you to learn any language for free. With so much time, you can take advantage of this moment and learn a new language. 
  5. Read a book. There is really no explanation here. Reading can benefit you in so many ways. It’s pretty much a movie on paper.
  6. Talk to friends on the phone/Zoom/Facetime. You don’t see your friends at all. Give them a call. They’ll appreciate it, and you will have some company to get you through this period of quarantine.
  7. Journaling can help you clear your mind. The point is so that you can go about your day working, solving problems, and just enjoying life. Without all of those thoughts in the back of your head, you can focus on the important things in your life and push you to do your very best.
  8. Art. This includes painting or even learning instruments. Just like writing, practicing an art form can flare up your creativity and allow you to focus on what is important and in the end, you will gain something that is useful.
  9. Study ahead. Watching videos about hard subjects in school can help you be ahead of the game, so when you come back after the shutdown, you will not struggle as much.

Life is boring during this time, but the best way to use it is to use your time wisely and don’t wallow in boredom while you could be being productive.

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