Big Art Day


Haley Bass, Staff Writer

The annual Lindale High School Big Art Day will be held on March 5. The event will take place from 6 to 7:30 PM at the high school. 

“The whole idea of Big Art Day is that there’s all of these small community art events happening that tie into a larger state event,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “It’s just one fantastically large day to celebrate different kinds of art and the students who create it.”

The event is completely free and open to both students and adults. Students under 9-years-old,  however, must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. 

“This event gives students and their families the opportunity to come and create art and take art home,” Harrison said. “We just want to immerse students in different culture’s art.” 

This is the third year that Lindale has hosted this event. The event is meant to showcase the various artistic talents of local students. 

“I am super excited to participate in this event,” sophomore Autumn Schoolcraft said. “I really want to teach kids more about art and inspire them to create more in the future.”

Every year, Big Art Day picks a theme to center all of the art pieces around. This year, the theme is ‘Discover Japan’.

“I’m going to be representing the art of Kabuki, which is a Japanese dance form that is very cultural and traditional,” senior Kathryn Anderson said. “I will be on the stage and dancing for at least 10 minutes with a certain choreography that we chose.”