Student Council Leads Kindness Challenge


Kevin Willis

Juniors Abigail Powell (left) and Abby Payne (right) hold the Kindness Challenge sign. It was a week-long challenge that spread positivity around the school.

Kevin Willis, Staff Writer

The Student Council led Lindale’s  week-long Kindness Challenge January 27-31. The Great Kindness Challenge is a national initiative that helps create a culture of kindness in our country. 

“[The kindness challenge] doesn’t cost a thing and yet can be so rewarding,” Student Council sponsor Dare Kirklin said. “Hopefully [students] will make it a habit. Having it announced daily this week, having posters put up, hopefully, this will be a reminder to go out of your way and be nice to someone.” 

The cevent is something that schools do world-wide to promote kindness. There are challenges such as lending a pencil to a friend, smiling at 25 people, and more. 

“We were approached by Mrs. Collard about participating,”  Kirklin said. “As a Student Council class we came up with something to do daily at the high school.” 

The focus of this event was to focus on positivity in the school.

“Kindness week has been an encouraging experience,” senior Grace Yancy said. “Yes, you should always be nice but sometimes people need that extra boost.”