UIL Academics Wins Sweepstakes at Mansfield Meet



The UIL Academics competitors pose for a picture with their plaques and medals. The teams as a whole won sweepstakes (1st place) at the event.


The UIL Academic students competed at Mansfield Meet of the Minds this weekend and won sweepstakes overall as a team.

It really helps our teams when people give them a kudos or a high five, so please help us out if you can.  Here are the individual results, and the entire team list is at the bottom.


Number Sense

Ferris Turney—2nd place upperclassmen

Madeleine Morton—2nd place underclassmen

1st place NS team


Nalany Hernandez—1st place upperclassmen

Colton Stone –5th place underclassmen

3rd Place Team Calc


Ferris Turney—6th place Math upperclassmen

Colton Stone—6th place Math underclassmen

Computer Applications

Avalon Custer—1st place

Morgan Gibson—2nd place

Computer Science

Madysn Eaves placed 6th

Robert Beaudoin, Wesley Watkins, and Leighton Soto also competed in computer science


Social Studies

Koby Kleam—1st place

Kleam, Suldee Narangerel, and Jeffrey Ptak—2nd place team


Journalism–1st place team

Copy Editing

Colleen Starkey—1st

Vivi Lehmann—2nd

Marlee Sorrells—5th

John Park—6th

News Writing

Colleen Starkey—3rd

Marlee Sorrells—4th

John Park—5th

Emma Grace Cox—6th

Feature Writing

Marlee Sorrells—1st

Lian Boone—2nd

Colleen Starkey—3rd

Vivi Lehmann—4th

Caroline Phillips—5th

Headline Writing

Colleen Starkey—3rd

Emma Grace Cox—4th

Editorial Writing

Emma Grace Cox—1st

Vivi Lehmann—2nd

Marlee Sorrells—3rd



Avalon Custer (computer)

Madysyn Eaves (computer)

AJ Curry (science and literary criticism)

Nalany Hernandez (calculator)

Madeline Morton (number sense, calculator, and math)

Elizabeth Montgomery (literary criticism)

Colleen Starkey (journalism)

Emma Grace Cox (journalism)

Caroline Phillips (journalism)

Marlee Sorrells (journalism)

Vivi Lehmann (journalism)

Lian Boone (journalism)

Morgan Gibson (computer)

Robert Beaudoin (computer)

Wesly Watkins (computer and science)

Leighton Soto (computer)

Blake Reeves (computer)

Rex Day (computer)

Kamryn Brooks (computer)

John Park (journalism)

Braden Heizer (science, number sense, math)

Ferris Turney (science, number sense, math, calculator)

Colton Stone (number sense and Math, calc)

Suldee Narangerel (Social Studies)

Kobie Kleam (Social Studies)

Jeffrey Ptak (Social Studies)