One Act Play Performance and Castlist Chosen

Phoenix Pittman, Staff Writer

The theatre department has chosen “Nell Gwynn” as their play for this season of One Act Play, and competition will begin in March. The department also released the cast list for the play. 

“I’m really looking forward to working with [the cast],” junior Ben Watters said. “It seems like a decent mix of experienced actors and a lot of newcomers.I think all of us will grow from this [and] I’m excited about the leadership.”

Rehearsals for OAP begin each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday after school every week until 5:30. The cast list features five seniors, 12 juniors, and four freshmen. 

“The freshmen this year are really strong,” senior Emma Cook said. ”Even the freshmen who didn’t make One Act Play have a lot of potential – they are filling these big roles, and I’m seeing a lot of big choices being made from these freshmen that I wouldn’t have made as a freshman.” 

The play “Nell Gwynn” follows the main character, a quick-witted and beautiful woman as she becomes a member of the King’s Theater Company and is faced with many social complications that she has to resolve throughout the play. 

“I’ve done shows with [Mr. Jarman, Mrs. McKenzie, and the cast] in the past, and I think they really have a good vision going here,” Watters said. “I’ve never seen anything like this creatively.”



Nell Gwyn – Emma Cook 

Nancy/Louise Kerouaille  – Alli Somes 

Rose – Cameron Hilliard 

Lady Castlemaine – Kayleigh Horstkamp

King Charles II – Alex Gaba 

Charles Hart – Ben Waters 

Kynaston – Sonny Mauldin

Killigrew – Josh Smith 

Dryden – Price Minder 

Ned Spigget – Tyler Chamberlain 

Lord Arlington – Haley Bass 


Heckler Attendance Company  (Actors)

Kaleb Kole 

Lathan Jones 

Olivia Harwell 

Kailee Huston 



Stage manager – Zach Jones 

LEDs – Savannah Lillich 

Lights – Hannah Boyer 

Sound – Caleb Lawrence 

Backstage – Nalany Hernandez