Sons of the American Revolution winners


High Schoolers Jessie Elliot and Logan Herrera are both advancing to state in the Sons of the American Revolution competition. Jessie won first place and Logan won second place, and both received scholarships. State will be held in San Antonio later in March, where there will be more scholarship opportunities.

“We had to write a 5-6 minute speech, memorize it word-for-word, and perform it in front of about 50 people at the Traditions restaurant in Tyler,” Logan said. “It was a good opportunity.”

In this memorized oratory competition, Jessie and Logan had to write an oratory based on an event, a person or person from the American Revolution then tie it to modern day United States.

“Oratory is a learned skill,” debate coach Janice Caldwell said. “You have to figure out what you’re going to do, write it, and then memorize it. We definitely have time to work on it.”

The Sons of the American Revolution have paid for their hotel on the riverwalk in San Antonio. First place winner Jessie came to state last year and placed as well.

“I am incredibly excited because last year I got second place, so I am really glad that I improved,” Jessie said. Sadly, the next competition is the same week as One Act, so the chances of me actually getting to advance are very unlikely.”