Teacher Dress up as Santa and Visit Different Schools


Coach John Phillips dressed up as Santa visits College Street Elementary. He visited different classrooms to spread the Christmas spirit.

Andrew Velarde, Assistant Editor of Video

On Thursday and Friday Coach John Phillips will be dressing up and playing as Santa at the high school as well as College Street Elementary. He will meet with students right after lunch.

“What really blessed my heart most of all was that there was a special needs kid that all he could get out of his mouth was ‘It’s ho ho. It’s ho ho,’ and he came up and hugged me and would not let me go,” Phillips said. “The kids just love on you and just enjoy the fact that you’re there.”

Phillips had first only played Santa for the special needs kids but it grew to where all the students met with Santa.  Phillips’ wife also made a homemade Santa suit for Phillips to wear when visiting the different campuses. 

“About six years ago, my wife, who was working at College Street Elementary at the time needed someone to play Santa Claus,” Phillips said. “I grew my beard out and played Santa Claus.”

The teachers bring their students out of their classes into the hallway. Phillips goes up and down the hall meeting with different students wishing them Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

“It’s been a blast,” Phillips said. “It has actually helped I have friends and family members [which] have little kids they have me be Santa Claus for them and get their picture made and other things like that.”