Life Skills Students Participate in Competitive Bowling

Senior Gracie Jones receives an award at the 2019 bowling tournament.

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

The Life Skills students competed at the annual bowling tournament in Longview earlier this month. This event was open for students from many schools to attend and is designed to give groups a sense of teamwork. 

“They get to actually participate in a sport, where a lot of times they’re left out of other activities and sports,” Life Skills teacher Kristi Rozell said. “They love it. They look forward to it all year long.”

The students were sent off by the band and their classmates. They lined the hallways and cheered for the students as they were passing.

“One thing they also look forward to is when our school lines up and they’re able to run down the halls and the band leads them out to the buses and it’s kind of a little pep rally for them,” Rozell said. “They feel special. They feel like they’re kings and queens for the day.”

During the tournament, the students had the chance to bowl against others from different schools. They were awarded with medals and ribbons given to them by the Longview Fire Department.

“I think most of our kids medaled at least first, second or third place,” Rozell said. “I saw every child had a medal. They get to meet with other kids they know through Special Olympics, and it’s just good camaraderie and good friendship.”