Art Club Takes Weekend Excursions

Samuel Young, Social Officer

This school year art teacher Rebecca Harrison has continued Art Club and the club’s art excursions. Harrison has been the sponsor for this school funded club for the last five years.

“We basically give kids an opportunity to get out of Lindale,” Harrison said. “Students get to see new surroundings and really think about art with other people who enjoy art.”

Art Club has a $5 entry fee to go on trips all year, and this money can be turned into Harrison at any time. This excludes money for food and drink on the way to the location.

“I love Art Club so much,” junior Emily Roberts said. “The bus rides are super fun, and I love going to the locations and hanging out with everyone.”

Harrison plans to go on one day-long trip every month this school year. These locations range across Texas including cities such as Dallas and Huntsville.

“We want to travel across the state,” Harrison said. “We would really just love to spend time with other artists and have a good time.”

Each location brings new activities and opportunities like hiking in parks and museums. On these trips Harrison allows students to bring the club’s cameras or watercolor sheets so members can draw or take photos while exploring these locations. 

“Everybody is really crazy, but in a good way,” sophomore Mikey Farmer said. “[I] love everyone in the club. We all just have a really good time.”

Every time a student wants to go on one of the trips they must RSVP with a Google form sent out to all members. There is a student limit so those who did not RSVP in time are put on a waiting list for that trip. 

“It’s all about being with nature and absorbing your surroundings,” Roberts said. “Going on these trips gives every student an opportunity to capture things that inspire them.”