This is the cover for her song, Secret.
This is the cover for her song, “Secret.”

Junior Releases Music Titles on Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play

On October 4, junior Jayden Gregory’s originally written songs named “Secret” and “A Matter of Time” will be available to stream on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play for $1.29. Gregory goes under the artist name of Jayden Lyric.

“I’m lucky to have run into such an opportunity and experience this,” Gregory said. “I’m so excited to share my music with the world.”

“A Matter of Time” is about someone who tries to keep someone in one place because they do not want to let go, but they do end up going away at some point. “Secret” is about keeping secrets hidden and them coming out.

“My mom is my biggest fan,” Gregory said. “None of this would be possible without her, but I also had many other factors help build me up to this point.”

Gregory was doing a gig at Brisket Love where a man named Billy Dorsey walked up to her on stage in the middle of her performance. He was hiding in the crowd as a Grammy award winning producer who was in search of new clients.

“My friends encouraged me to put myself out there and then showing up to support me,” Gregory said. “It made me want to do more things, therefore helping me put myself out there.”

Gregory sang on stage for the first time when she was eight, and wrote her first song at ten. She first began to perform her original music two years ago when she was fourteen.

“I have [worked in the studio before], and the experience was just as eye-opening as the professional studio for a new-coming musician,” Gregory said. “Although the producer at that first studio was incapable of helping me actually achieve ‘getting out there,’ it gave me the learning experience I needed for what was to come.”

Update: To download Jayden’s music, go to .

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