Student Wins Kiwanis Sophomore of the Year


Junior Bethany Deupree holding up the Sophomore of the Year plaque she won. “This award means to that your teachers are always looking at the impact you’re making,” Deupree said. “I am very honored to be able to accept this award as a Lindale Eagle.”

Marlee Sorrells, Editor-in-Chief

Junior Bethany Deupree was given the Sophomore of the Year award for the Texas and Oklahoma Kiwanis on Tuesday. This in addition to her Sophomore of the Year award for Lindale ISD and the Tyler district of Kiwanis from last year.

“I am proud of her for the recognition she received from our Kiwanis Association as Sophomore of the Year,” principal Jeremy Chilek said. “Any time our students can be recognized in a positive way it places Lindale High School in a positive light, and for that I am very grateful to Bethany.”

Students may participate by sending in an application to get into the running for the award. Recipients receive a plaque paired with a $100 scholarship and a congratulatory letter given to one sophomore per year.

“I am very honored to receive this award,” Deupree said. “It’s been many years since someone from Lindale has gone all the way and won the Texas-Oklahoma Sophomore of the Year.” 

The honor is based on the leadership qualities, such as an ability to overcome obstacles, that the student possesses. The Kiwanis created this scholarship to build students’ confidence in their writing abilities for when they apply for larger scholarships.

“What this award means to me is that your teachers are always looking at the impact you’re making,” Deupree said. “I had to write four essays for this award, and [in] my winning essay I talked about how I am dyslexic. This award is very special [since] I have had to work very hard to overcome this learning disability and know that I’m just as smart as anyone else.”