Azalea belles


One of the houses along the Tyler Azalea Trail

       Freshman and sophomore girls from Smith County will promote Tyler at the Azalea and Spring Flower Trail by greeting visitors while wearing antebellum dresses. Girls who submitted applications will be notified by letter before Feb. 10 if they were selected.

      “I think it is important that we include the younger generation in the elements of our community so that they can know their heritage,” journalism teacher Neda Morrow said. “It is also important for students to participate in things where they are working with city officials and city members to see the importance of their county and to help others to see it as well.”

      The festival is set for the weekends between March 21 and April 6. The selected girls will be assigned to a particular house on the trail every weekend where they will pose for pictures and greet tourists.

       “In the process of this, I think the belles will learn a lot just while being trained for this,” counselor David Ramsey said. “It will also be good for their speech and interpersonal skills to go out and meet the different people coming in and letting them know about the history of Tyler.”

       The chosen Azalea Belles will wear dresses and hoop petticoats borrowed from the Convention & Visitors Bureau. The only cost required would be the purchase of white satin gloves for $20.

       “This seems like such an amazing experience for underclassmen to have,“ junior Tabitha North said. “I wish I had known about this last year. I definitely would have taken advantage of this opportunity.”