Bond Construction Proceeds at High School [Part I]

Construction in progress outside of the front entrance. This is the beginning of the process to lay the groundwork for the new buildings.

Joshua Smith, Managing Editor of Entertainment and Editorials

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, construction funded by the bond is taking place at the high school. This process is continuous, with progress on it scheduled at varying points while school is in session. 

“The construction crew is currently rerouting all of the underground utilities to make way for the new building slabs,” construction foreman Sterling Swan said. “These are going to be the foundation for all of the new facilities that are going to be constructed throughout the year.”

The construction of the bond covers two more science labs, two specialty journalism rooms, a new room for the debate students and 19 other classrooms. The construction of these classrooms will be complete before school ends for the summer, with interior work to be done during the summer.

“The 19 new regular classrooms that are in the process of construction are going to be practically identical to the ones that students are learning subjects like English, Spanish and math in right now,” principal Jeremy Chilek said. “The other five classrooms will have more specific purposes, all being created to benefit the students that take part in our journalism, debate and science classes.”

The bond also covers the construction of buildings that are external to the main high school building. This includes construction of a multi-use activity center, a building that is going to be used for a variety of sports and extracurriculars.

Even though the rumbling of the building sometimes scares me, I know that the outcome will be worth it

— senior Emma Cook

“The multi-use activity center is going to be a 100-yard football field that will be able to drop nets for any sport that will need them,” Chilek said. “This will be great for not only the athletics students but will also be used by the band students so they don’t have to march in the parking lot in the mornings anymore.”

The construction affects the community in a variety of ways, especially since it is occurring while school is in session. 

“Even though the rumbling of the building sometimes scares me, I know that the outcome will be worth it,” senior Emma Cook said. “I probably won’t be able to fully enjoy the new buildings since I am a senior, but I am excited for future students to use and enjoy them.”

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