Construction Brings Important Changes for Students to Know

Crosswalks and pedestrian lanes have been created for students. ALL students who walk from the parking lots, to the fields, or to the ag complex MUST stay in designated pedestrian lanes.

Joshua Smith, Managing Editor of Entertainment and Editorials

Starting Monday, all high school students and staff will begin the 2019-2020 school year with changes. Construction will be underway while school is in session, and there are new primary entrances and exits for students, as well as policies for safety.

“The construction crew has conducted multiple efforts to make the site as safe as it can be, but there are still going to be things that people visiting the campus will need to be mindful of during their stay,” Construction Foreman Sterling Swan said. “Staying out of the fenced-in areas, going in the front and East entrance, and paying attention to your surroundings will do wonders for both the construction crews and those on campus.”

Due to construction equipment being on site, it is important that students and staff stay clear of all restricted areas. This is especially true when it comes to driving and parking within and around the campus. 

“A thing to think about for those who are coming to the campus is definitely parking,” Principal Jeremy Chilek said. “Everyone should be parking in the student parking lot and the teacher parking lot as much as possible because there is the chance that construction equipment could damage their vehicle if parked elsewhere.”

Staying out of the fenced in areas, going in the front and East entrance, and paying attention to your surroundings will do wonders for both the construction crews and those on campus.”

— Sterling Swan

Not only is being safe while inside of a vehicle important, but when you are walking around outside of campus be aware of marked off areas designated for travel from one area to another. The construction crew has clearly marked off areas for students that are walking from the main campus to another building, such as students who walk to the agriculture building during the day. Lines marked with stripes and with the pedestrian symbol indicate areas where students need to travel. 

“The construction crew built the pedestrian lane for the students so that they can stay safe,” Swan said. “Be mindful of any cross-traffic that is happening within this site and stay within the lanes if you are going to be walking in.”

The entrances to the building are being reduced while construction is underway. Some  entrances to the building are blocked off while construction is underway to reduce the possibility of injury or conflict with efforts of construction. Students who drive need to park in student parking, walk ONLY in the designated crosswalk, and enter the school through the East entrance next to the band hall and debate classrooms.  Students who are dropped off by parents are to enter through the front entrance only, keeping clear of the fenced area.  

“One thing that everyone coming to the campus should keep in mind is to come in either by the front or the entrance that is by the band hall,” Chilek said. “The other entrances are going to be blocked by construction [or restricted] and avoiding that is a very large goal of ours.”