District Administrators Welcome Teachers to a New Year at Convocation

Motivational speaker Sam Glenn spoke to the faculty and staff on the topic of having a positive attitude.


District administrators and local community members welcomed  teachers to the district Tuesday.

“I am super excited about the new school year,” Surratt said.  “Several positive things are happening in the district. First, many new students and teachers are joining our Eagle family. Second, several administrators are new to their roles in our district and I look forward to seeing their growth and the positive things they will bring to their campuses. Last, I am excited about the Eagle Stadium renovation and other additions that will be added to our facilities for our students, staff and community.”

Board president Mike Combs discussed the district’s mission and announced pay raises for faculty and staff members and Deputy Superintendent Jamie Holder passed out retention checks.

“I am always excited to get a pay raise, and I was very excited to get a retention check,” teacher Sally Clemmons said. “I just love working with the students of our district.”

Education Foundation President spoke to the crowd and showed a video of the grant patrol from last year.  In total, over $26,000 was given to classrooms from the foundation last year, and over the last ten years, over $300,000 in grants has gone directly back into the district’s classes.

“I believe change is always good, and Lindale schools are moving forward with excellence,” teacher Amy Shively said. “Morale is great, and I can’t wait to see my kiddos on Monday.

During his remarks, Surratt discussed the many successes of the district, from extracurricular awards to being the only district in Smith County to receive the “A” rating from the state.  He also discussed new goals for the 2019-2020 school year.

“I am super excited that we are again rated as one of the top schools in East Texas,” counselor David Ramsey said. “I feel certain that there are no other schools around that are as good as Lindale.”

Motivational speaker Sam Glenn also came and spoke on the topic of attitude while he simultaneously created a painting of an eagle. He encouraged the staff to not leave attitudes to chance but to choose  positivity each day.

“The eagle is a symbol of our attitude,” Glenn said. “We have to choose an attitude that elevates our life… and the lives of those we serve.”

Teachers are working this week in their classrooms and in professional development sessions.  Students will return Monday, August 19 to begin the new year.

“I can not wait for September 13th to open up the new home side of Eagle Stadium with our contest against the Van Vandals,” Surratt said. “2019-2020 is going to be a great year to be a Lindale Eagle!”