Sophomore of the Year Winner Announced


Photo Courtesy of Lindale ISD

(From left to right) Jacey King, Luke Sandifer, Tyler Thompson and Bethany Deupree attend the annual Sophomore of the Year ceremony. Deupree is this year’s recipient.

Kaylee Rodriquez , Editor-In-Chief

Bethany Deupree was recently recognized by the Hideaway Lake Kiwanis Club as the 2018-2019 Lindale High School Sophomore of the Year. Deupree will receive a scholarship from the Kiwanis Club for achieving this honor. The final four candidates for the sophomore of the year award are determined by the sophomore teachers. 

“Being Sophomore of the Year was a true blessing,” Deupree said. “When I found out I had been nominated by teachers in the school I realized how blessed I am to go to school at Lindale High School.

The other three nominees were Jacey King, Luke Sandifer, and Tyler Thompson. The overall winner is  selected by the Kiwanis Club members. Outside of class, Deupree is a varsity cheerleader, a member of FFA and a baseball manager. 

“With everyone who ran with me, we all know, any of us deserved it,” Deupree said. “Getting this scholarship was extremely amazing and I want to thank everyone who has ever done something to push me to be the best I can.”