Ahead by a Century

Ahead by a Century

Review of Netflix television show ‘Anne with an E’

The world of Anne Shirley-Cuthbert is expected to continue and release on Netflix in the summer of 2019. With filming for season three currently in progress, my love for the setting and characters of Anne with an E steps out from hibernation with a fervor.


What You Should Know

  • The TV show is an adaptation of the classic coming of age book series Anne of Green Gables. It is set in the 1890s and explores Canadian cultural attitudes and issues still relevant to today such as gender equality, social roles and consequences of negligence.
  • The storyline follows the imagination and inspiring positivity of an orphan girl. Through heartbreak and circumstance, brother and sister Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert seek to adopt a boy to assist in managing the hard work of farm life and must make a delicate decision when they are instead sent Anne.
  • Although Anne experiences mature and detrimental themes, her uplifting outlook on life is a motivation to others to continuously see the good in every situation. She ultimately serves to remind that there is a choice in determining perspective no matter what we face.
  • This unique capability dramatically transforms the life of the Cuthbert siblings, and the progression of their life provides an amusing source of entertainment as well as reveals character development in areas of changing social norms. Simply put, the eccentric character of an unexpected character that everyone deemed inferior seeps light into the lives of the community.


Favorites at a Glance

  • Matthew Cuthbert is hands down one of the most enjoyable characters. His compassion towards Anne is something to be admired, and his sensitivity to awkward situations adds the comic relief that everyone needs. He is the closest father figure to our favorite character, Anne, and his journey to adapting to a relationship surely tugs at heartstrings.
  • Coming from a background of rejection and insecurities, Anne struggles to remain true to her beautifully inspiring self. Her inner conflicts with society’s expectations make it easy to relate to her.
  • Gilbert Blythe. End of story.
  • Okay, just kidding. I will expand on my feelings towards Gilbert Blythe. You know there is something about a character when you have to include their last name, am I right? Gilbert Blythe breaks the stereotypes. He is quick to dismiss the other schoolchildren’s ugly remarks and snap judgments. Whereas Anne’s influence is indirect, he is a pure character that strives to directly eradicate indifference and inequalities. He possesses a tenderness that the audience can’t help but swoon for.
  • And of course, the theme song. “Ahead by a Century” accurately depicts the profound subject matters and differences within the community while also staying true to the merriment and ventures of growing up.


A Request

Overall, Anne with an E is a heartfelt tale of adventure, humor and seeking truth. I understand that there is something unappealing to teen audiences about watching a series focused on an “irrelevant” time period and a girl who knows no limits when it comes to her imagination. However, this TV show has made it to my personal list of favorites. I strongly encourage that people watch the first two episodes of the show. If you decide that it is not your type of show, then at least you were kind and gave it a chance.

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