What It’s Like to be Left-Handed in This Right-Handed World

John Park, Managing Editor of News and Feature

     Most people wouldn’t see being left-handed as an inherent disadvantage, and, honestly, for the most part, it isn’t. The only thing that I’ve noticed throughout my 15 years of painfully below-average life, is that everything is made for right-handed people! I mean I understand why. Only ten percent of the population has been cursed with the monstrosity of not being able to write with your right hand. It just makes more economic sense to base things more towards right-handed people so that the majority of people don’t have any problems with it. But guess who’s not in the majority. This guy.

     Throughout my time on this big ball of dirt, through rigorous attention to detail, I have noticed a large amount of very small transgressions and violations against my kind (left-handed people). As an example, think through the average day. Think about your morning routine, and go through all of them one-by-one. Which hand do you use to zip your pants? I know that that is a strange example, but it really makes you realize that everything is made with right-handed people in mind. For example, I’ll just list some things in my view right now in a classroom: right-handed non-ambidextrous mouse, belts, and  apple headphones (with the mic and controls on the right side), most cameras and other electronics have the majority of the important buttons/controls on the right side, and even water bottles are made to be easy to open from the right hand because the cap twists from the right to the left.

     Okay, I feel like I’ve gotten my point thoroughly across to help all of you understand the complete injustice and prejudice towards people like me.