Art Classes Create Sculptures to Raise Awareness


Bailey Spencer

Art one students in Harrison’s class sort through plastic products. Their focus is ocean conservation, and the sculpture will be displayed in the hallway outside of Harrison’s classroom.

Bailey Spencer , Assistant Editor of Copy

Students in Art 1 classes plan to be finished installing sculptures made of plastic and paper products in the hallways on March 6. Their goal is to create collaborative installation sculptures that advocate for the environment.

“I believe that students cannot go through life without taking a stand on certain issues,” art teacher Kari McKenzie said. “I think that art advocacy gives them a stronger outlet where they can be more creative, and it’s more widely accepted.”

McKenzie’s art classes looked at how students in a public high school setting contribute to deforestation and the impact paper products have on the environment. For a week, her students collected consumable paper products from home to incorporate into the sculpture outside of her classroom.

I think it’s really important for my students and our student body to know and understand the effects of not recycling.””

— Rebecca Harrison

“This project is important because it brings awareness to something that not a lot of people think about on a day to day basis in East Texas,” senior Dante Glover said. “This gives students something to think about while walking down the halls.”

Art teacher Rebecca Harrison’s classes are focused on ocean conservation. Using plastic products, they will create a sculpture to emphasize that recycling can better impact ocean life and the world.

“I think it’s really important for my students and our student body to know and understand the effects of not recycling,” Harrison said. “That’s what our students are hoping to draw attention to. [Recycling] is important, and we all have the ability to recycle.”

Students in both art classes researched and brainstormed ideas in small groups. After presenting their ideas, art teachers chose key elements to incorporate into the big picture.

“We should be aware of the problems that we have,” sophomore Terique Anderson said. “I think this project will really bring awareness to the planet.”