Loving Long Distance


Emma Cook

Annie Evans and boyfriend, Diego Heimlich pose for pictures before prom.

Annie Evans, Managing Editor

Not every relationship is easy. In fact, it can be argued that none are. Each relationship is unique. No two people are alike, so how could any relationship be alike? While each has its own challenges, there is a special circumstance that makes dating a little more difficult. Long distance. But, I can top that. Long distance in high school.

When you love someone, there isn’t an obstacle that cannot be overcome. However, living two hours away from that someone isn’t ideal. I lived in Fort Worth for my freshman year of high school. The summer after, I moved to Lindale where I have resided since. Diego and I met in Fort Worth and started dating in March of the school year after I moved. It was crazy that we waited until a little over six months after I moved away to start dating, but, when you know, you know.

Diego is someone who makes me laugh harder and smile more than I ever have. He makes me feel safe and comfortable and at home even. I knew he was supposed to be in my life, even if it would be difficult to manage. So, sophomore year, I invited him to Winter Formal, and we have been together ever since. Right now, we are just under a month of dating for two years.

How do we make it work? I’m glad you asked. There are many things that factor into keeping the relationship fresh and fulfilling when there isn’t room for dates once a week and hanging out after school.

The first major key to a successful long distance relationship is open communication. If time isn’t set aside for Facetime, video chat or simple phone calls, you will hardly ever speak to your significant other. Everyone is so busy nowadays, that without designated “catch up” time, the relationship will slip away or the connection will be lost. I’m not saying that not talking every night means the relationship is doomed, but the connection between the pair will only grow with time. Not only do specific “Facetime dates” allow for a connection to build, but they require conversation. Many relationships dissolve conversation by putting on movies or television shows every time the couple is together. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but when the TV option isn’t a luxury, you learn to grow in your communication and conversation skills.

Following communication, trust is vital in a long distance relationship. Without trust, there is nothing. That’s a given in any relationship, but in long distance it is by far a more prominent necessity. Because of the distance, the pair isn’t together to check up on one another. The two have to be truly dedicated to each other for success. Honesty is included in this faction. Both have to be dedicated to each other in the aspect of loyalty and honesty. There has to be trust between the two for secrets and little details that bond the pair as a couple.

While communication and trust are vital, the most important factor of a long distance relationship is love. Pure love. If love is there, any relationship no matter the distance or obstacles will survive. That is why I have had my sweetheart for almost two years.