Fort Worth Heifer Show Results

We would like to congratulate the following LISD students on their success this past weekend at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo Junior Breeding Heifer Show:

Nathan Feuquay 2nd of 10 Shorthorn
Tomi Capps 4th of 15 Polled Hereford
Zoe Wilder 6th of 9 Shorthorn
Katie Barr 12th of 13 Beefmaster
Ty Barr 9th of 14 Beefmaster
Sara Koonce 9th of 11 Limousin and 2nd of 4 in Limousin Shootout
Tyler Thompson 3rd of 14 Red Angus
Bailey Gilleland 5th of 9 Brahman
Katie Smith 3rd of 13 Simbrah
Orrin Parker 11th of 51 ORB
Easton Rushing 20 of 53 ORB
Riley Campbell 22 of 53 ORB
Atalie Thompson
Bella Yoder