Featured Face: Grace Barr


Extracurriculars: Band

Hobbies Outside of School: Working at Bob Wells Nursery and drawing

Talents: Drawing

Future Plans: I’d like to consider going to a design school

What’s on my TV: Ducktales

What I drive: A Honda Civic I share with my sister

Favorite Movies: Toy Story

Favorite Music: Twenty One Pilots, Modern Baseball, Musicals

Favorite Social Media: Instagram or twitter

Superstitions: Leaving a light switch on the wrong way

Worst Habit: Saying sorry repeatedly

I would love to trade places for a day with: Any superhero except Mr. Fantastic

First Job: Plant Nursery

Favorite Meal:Grilled cheese

Favorite Drink: Root beer

Talent I would most like to have: Ability to make people laugh with me

Favorite Celebrity: Anyone not making drama

Favorite city to visit: New York

Greatest Love:God

My Hero:My friends

Interests: Drawing, reading and watching cartoons

My Bucket List:I want to attend a real concert one day and leave Texas to live elsewhere