Rees wallks away after landing her plane at the end of her flying session.
Rees wallks away after landing her plane at the end of her flying session.
Photo By Caleb Rees

Sophomore Learns To Fly

She glances up at the open sky above her, getting lost in the blue expanse. Her heart thumping with excitement. She takes a step up into the small plane, getting ready to pilot it. She puts the headset on, muffling all the external sounds. Her instructor starts the plane, glances at her, and nods for her to take the controls. She is prepared for take off.

Caleb Rees is a sophomore who has reached all the requirements to be able to get her piloting license when she turns 17 next year.

“My mom told me about how she always wanted to fly when she was little.” Rees said. “To be honest, I didn’t think it was cool when I was younger, but I enjoy it now.”

She started about 2 years ago where her mother got her interested in piloting, so she suggested to her mother that she could be instructed. Ever since, she took online courses and saw an instructor in Van Zandt County.

“[In the classes] you just kind of listen to videos and learn about the different parts and what they do.”Rees said. “When you are actually flying it is a much better experience, and I learn better hands-on anyways.”

She visits Van Zandt Airport where she practices taking off and landing as well as emergency situations she may encounter while flying.

“[My instructor] usually tells me what can go wrong with what I’m doing.”Rees said. “Then, he tells me how to fix it.”

In June of 2020 she will be able to apply for a license. 

“Once I am 17, I will finally be able to fly, and I am hoping to get a Cessna.”Rees said.

Recently, she had surgery on her left arm which has prevented her for flying for a few weeks. Once it has finished healing, she will take her final class before she takes the class.

“I love that I’m doing something that was impossible a 100 years ag,”Rees said. “The feeling when you are taking off and you are like two inches from the ground, I can’t even explain how freeing it feels.”

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