New LHS ag facility opens

Provides increased FFA opportunities

swaggerdaddyLindale Independent School District recently finished a brand new ag facility to help the expanding FFA program. It has many improvements over the previous building, and is a showpiece for the community.

“We had to build a new ag facility because the growth in our FFA program had really gone up considerably,” engineering teacher Brent Berryman said. “The amount of animals we needed to manage would not fit in the old barn, so our community and school board decided we needed to improve and make it larger.”

The building took five months to complete and cost around $900,000. It features up-to-date plumbing, electrics and ventilation, which the old building did not previously have.

“It’s the finest ag facility in East Texas, and it allows us to have more students involved in FFA,” Berryman said. “We will be able to host some really nice events that we previously wouldn’t have been able to at our old ag building.”

Each pen has food and water which can be removed when taking out old shavings and animal waste. FFA students clean all the pens as a part of their routine duties.

“It’s a much safer environment for the students and animals to be in,” Berryman said. “Our school district will reap many benefits from this great new addition.”