Student Council Hosts Food Drive

Student Council hosted a food drive through October and early November.


Josie Covington

Meghan Johnson, McKenna Crews and Jared Maeker organize canned goods. They collected cans from around the school.

Starting on October 15 through November 9, Student Council hosted a canned food drive. The organization received 1,065 cans to donate.
“It helps our local food pantry here in town at the Methodist church,” Student Council sponsor Dare Kirklin said. “We always want to teach our students to give back.”
Student Council organized the drive as a competition. The winners were: first place to Mrs. Lyles with a pizza party, second place to Mrs. Yeakley with an ice cream party and third place to Coach Lawless with a cookie party.

We always want to teach our students to give back.”

— Dare Kirklin

“[We are working to] supply food for families in our town and students in our school district,” Student Council vice president Makenna Crews said. “We want to raise enough items of food to feed all of the families in our district.”