Featured Face: Avalon Custer

Featured Face: Avalon Custer

Grade: 11

Extracurriculars: Computer Applications, Game Development Club

What do you enjoy doing outside of school?: I enjoy writing, drawing, talking to friends, coloring, and playing video games.

What Makes Me Unique: Lots of people believe that my name and mannerisms are unique. I’ve been told that I’m a fantastically reliable and kind friend with loyalty to the ends of the earth. Coupled with my budding skill as an artist and writer, I believe I have multiple growing talents.

Talents: Pencil art, singing, world creation/development, character development, color pairings (coloring in art)

Future Plans: I plan on going into the video game development field, hopefully as an artist.

What’s on my TV: Gravity Falls, Family Feud, Hell’s Kitchen, Steven Universe

Favorite Movies: Bee Movie, Mulan, Lion King

Favorite Music: Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Nirvana

Favorite Website or Social Media: Flight Rising, Instagram

Superstitions: Lucky number 4; I believe myself to be either insanely lucky or extremely unlucky, no in between

First Job: Internship with the Creature Teacher

Favorite Meal: Chicken teriyaki with sushi, fried rice, and noodles

Favorite Drink: Strawberry lemonade

Talent I would most like to have: 3D modeling or 2D digital art

Favorite Celebrity: Gordon Ramsey

Favorite Place to Visit: San Diego

Hobbies or Interests: Art, gaming, watching Netflix

My Bucket List: Go back to California, have my friends from there visit me

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