Featured Face: Elizabeth Stone

Grade: 10

Extracurriculars: Band

Fun Outside of School: Spending time with my best friends

Unique Characteristics: I have type one diabetes and I love advocating about the disease and teaching others about it

Talents: Playing flute

Future plans: Go to college & medical school to become a Pediatric Diabetes Endocrinologist

What’s on my TV: Reality TV shows

Favorite movies: Harry Potter, Moana, Hunger Games

Favorite music: Sheppard, Chris Tomlin

Favorite website or social media: Instagram

Superstitions: If you knock on wood, whatever you said won’t happen

Worst habit: Overthinking everything

I would love to trades places for a day with: My dog Tikka

Favorite meal: Breakfast

Favorite drink: Milk

Talent I would most like to have: Play multiple instruments

Favorite celebrity: Emma Watson

Favorite place to visit: Tucson, Arizona

Greatest love: Jesus

My hero: My parents — they do everything for me and I wouldn’t be here without their help and support

Hobbies or interests: Reading books and writing in calligraphy

Bucket list: Travel abroad (Scotland specifically)