Letters to the Veterans

Students write letters for Veterans going on Heroes Flight.


Student writes a letter to a veteran. Brookshire’s hosts a trip for Veterans to Washington D.C.

Students wrote letters to World War II veterans in appreciation for serving our country. This was sponsored by the Brookshires company.

“I am so proud I had students who wanted to write a letter,” Principal Valerie Payne said. “We weren’t alive during WWII, yet people still cared enough to take time to write.”

Brookshire’s host a “Heroes Flight”  where they fly the veterans to Washington D.C. to the WWII memorial. Students around this area got to write personalized letters and have them delivered to the veteran before the flight.

It made me feel very proud to live in a country where men and women fight for our freedoms,” senior Erin Rankins said. “I am glad I got the privilege to show my appreciation.”  

The Heroes Flight is fully funded for the veterans. Brookshires started this flight  in 2010, and over 400 men have made this journey.

“I wake up everyday so thankful to live in a country that is peaceful,” Payne said. “Remembering those [veterans] are important because they fought for our freedom.”

Many teachers gave their students this assignment to write a letter to a particular veteran. Over 100 letters were written by students from the high school.

“They got to thank the veterans for their service and share a little bit about themselves,” teacher Rhonda Walker said. “It is important to get to share some history with our students and for them to get to express their gratitude.”