Sophomore Competes in Shooting Competition

Abigail Trasancos competed in the competitive shooting Fly Shoot Match in Huntsville, Texas on September 14th. She has been active in the sport for three years in another state, and and this was her first tournament in Texas.

“I’m a little nervous,” Abigail said.”My dad said he’s almost certain I’ll win the junior division, but this is my first time going up against adults and a lot of other people I’m not familiar with, but my dad’s been training me and I’m pretty confident.”

Abigail ranked 12 out of 45 people in the competition, second among the women and first among competitors under 16, and finished with a final score of 135.0.

The field was generally made up of experienced and very well-equipped benchrest shooters, some having decades of experience,” Jose Trasancos, Abigail’s father, said. “Conditions were very difficult, with a lot of mirage and switching winds.  The mirage made getting a clear sight picture difficult and the winds required careful and constant monitoring of environmental conditions. Abigail did a great job managing both.”

Abigail recently moved to Texas from New York, and she plans on continuing with shooting competitions in the upcoming months.

“I was so proud to hear of how well Abby did at the shooting contest,” audio/visual teacher Neda Morrow said. “I think she did an awesome job competing against adults.  I know she will be very successful this season.”