Featured Faces: Aaron Roden

Featured Faces: Aaron Roden

Name: Aaron Roden

Grade: 9th

Extracurriculars: Tennis, debate and band.

Hobbies Outside of School: Piano, YouTube and learning (mostly trivial) things.

What Makes You Unique: I can do some crazy stuff with my voice. It’s unique because it wouldn’t be crazy if everyone could do it. I’m detail oriented which is unique because I’m a guy.

Talents: Writing, reading, music and memorization.

Future Plans: Graduate, go to college, graduate again, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, die and go to heaven.

What’s on my TV: That’s very intrusive. Tennis, HGTV and the History Channel.

What I drive: My legs.

Favorite Music: Rock, the band Sabaton, mostly brass based music and anything that sounds good.

Favorite Movies:Infinity War and Doctor Strange

Favorite Social Media: YouTube and Discord.

Superstitions: If I don’t look behind me every other second while I am in my house at night, I will be attacked by something.

Worst Habit: Forgetting to look away from someone after they’re finished talking, so I just keep staring.

I would love to trade places for a day with: No one. The person I switch with will be in my place, and they would ruin my life.

First Job: Living and obeying my parents.

Favorite Meal: Two chicken tamales covered in queso with a side of double rice, twelve flour tortillas all smothered in butter and a large Dr. Pepper.

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper or Chicken Express sweet tea.

Talent I would most like to have: The talent to learn languages quickly.

Favorite Celebrity: Benedict Cumberbatch.

Favorite city to visit: San Antonio, Tejas.

Greatest Love: My love for God.

My Hero: Jesus Christ. I’m not kidding.

Interests: Messing around on my piano and learning the most useless information to sound smart when the time comes.

My Bucket List: Breathe better, sleep more, eat better food (taste alone).

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