Featured Faces: Tara Campa

Tara Campa is a senior at LHS.

Grade: 12

Favorite Activities: Horseback riding, photography and I like to be outdoors

Goals: I want to go to college and become a RN, work in Pediatrics and Labor and Delivery. I also want to make a impact and change someone’s life with the stuff that I have had to go through.

Favorite Movies: ‘Sound of Music’, ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘The Land Before Time’

Social Media: Facebook (I’m old school)

Superstititons: I believe that what comes around goes around… If you do something bad it will catch up to you eventually.

Worst Habit: Popping my knuckles

If I could trade places with someone for the day: My mom

First Job: I worked at a Tuxedo Shop in Lubbock

Favorite Meal: Burger

Favorite Drink: Lemonade

Talent I would like to have: To travel quickly

Favorite City to visit: Monahans

Greatest love: God and my sister, Misty

My hero: My sister, Misty

Hobbies and interests: Horses and Nursing Kids

Bucket List: Skydiving