Featured Faces: Andre Samaraweera

Grade Level: 10th

Extracurriculars: Tennis, UIL

Hobbies Outside of School: Piano, horse-riding

What Makes You Unique: I’ve lived on a ship for the past ten years of my life. My dad is Sinhalese, my mom is Dutch, and I was born in England. I bet you no one else other than my brother has done that.

Talents: Piano, horse-riding

Future Plans: Become an engineer

What’s on my TV: Don’t have one

What I drive: I don’t

Favorite Music: Soundtracks of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘Spirit’

Favorite Movies: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, ‘Spirit’

Favorite Social Media: Wikipedia

Superstitions: Karma

Worst Habit: Being judgemental

I would love to trade places for a day with: Kim Jong-Un

First Job: Never had one

Favorite Meal: McDonalds Happy Meal

Favorite Drink: Chocolate milkshake

Talent I would most like to have: Surfing

Favorite Celebrity: Will Smith

Favorite city to visit: Singapore

Greatest Love: Mathematics

My Hero: Iron Man

Interests: Piano, reading, horse-riding, and tennis

My Bucket List: Go to college, become an engineer (preferably something with space)