CTE Internship Class Visits Businesses


Photo Courtesy by Jennifer King

Students from the Business Internship class visits Keller Williams. Different groups of the internship visit different businesses each week.

Keren Lee, Staff Writer

Last week the students from the Business Internship class went to the Office Barn, Smith County Lumber Company, and the Precision Car Wash. During their time there, they get to see and learn about how to run a business. 

“I really enjoy this class because I feel like it’s the most realistic class,” senior Cannon Terry said. “The class allows me to learn about business so I can apply my knowledge in the future.”

Students group together in groups of two and three a week and visit different businesses together. Each week they visit new businesses allowing them for job opportunities in the future through connections. 

“It’s nice that we get to experience real life experiences together,” senior Aden Terry said. “It helps you think about all the other options out there in the world.”