Student Council Hosts Canned Food Drive


Renee Ramsey

Student Council food drive poster.

Charlotte McConathy, Managing Editor

The Student Council will host a canned food drive starting Oct. 31 lasting through Nov. 11. Third period classes will compete and the three classes with the most cans will win.

    “Our hope every year is to successfully deliver as many cans as possible to those in need,” StuCo president Sadie Akin said. “A big part of Student Council is giving back to not only our school, but our community, and to have this opportunity to showcase the helping abilities we have is truly unique.”

          The three classes that win will be awarded a prize of a treat for the whole class to share. All canned goods will be donated to the Lindale Christmas Helpers.

          “We have been planning this drive for a while and we really hope it will be successful,” student council secretary Burkelyn Allen said. “Hopefully everyone will contribute.”

Check out the results of the canned food drive here