Art Exhibit Takes Place in PAC


Photo by Henrique Arantes

Students and parents visit the exhibition at the PAC.

Henrique Arantes, Assistant Sports Officer in Training

Art students from 4th to 12th grade presented their work at the district wide art exhibit in the PAC on May 11 and 12. 

“Our students at Lindale ISD are some of the most talented artists in the state,” art teacher Rebecca Harrison said. “The concept of the top 15 artworks per grade for the entire year being on display at the same time is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the amazing artists of LISD.”

High school artists had the option to either keep their work or to sell for their own profit. The artworks for sale were labeled and 10 of the pieces were sold from the exhibit. 

“The district wide art exhibit is one of the most special things our department does all year long,” Harrison said. “They exhibit the best and the worst of what our students are living through; the highs and lows of what they feel and experience. These young artists are just incredibly talented artists.”