Pep Rallies Start Back Friday



A poster advertising of the first pep rally.

Christian Wynne, Assistant Editor

Pep Rallies start back Friday, Oct. 1  at 2:55 pm. It will be a closed campus pep rally being hosted in the gym, meaning only students and on-campus personnel will be able to attend.

“We are excited to have a pep rally this year,” cheerleader coach Christy Bateman said. “So [students] come out to support the Eagles!” 

The pep rally will be a ‘Pink Out’ meaning everyone will be wearing pink to support breast cancer awareness. Students who do not wish to attend have transportation available at 2:50 in order to leave campus.

“I’m so excited to have a pep rally and be able to play with the band,” senior Addison Smith said “This will be the first pep rally in [almost] two years!” 

The pep rally will be live streamed on Facebook at