Freshman Survival Guide

A few helpful tips for your new school.

Upon walking in into the new, brown brick building, pictures of past students and trophies adorn the foyer walls. New faces appeara around every corner with a smile on each face.  Freshman year is coming up, and I have comprised a few tips to help navigate your new school.

Let’s begin with the layout of the high school. Freshman classes are mainly located on the right wing of the school. If your class is a room number in the 200s, then it will be upstairs. The cafeteria is right by the entrance, and the gym is directly across from the front doors. If you have any trouble finding a class, ask a teacher or upperclassmen. We all have felt lost, and most of us would love to help a new face.

When navigating through the hallways, it is like the road. Always walk to the right. This helps avoid accidentally running into other students, and do not stop randomly in the middle of the hallways. If you feel the need to stop, then stay on the wall to keep the flow of the hall moving. Walking in the hallway is another issue in itself. Don’t walk too slowly or you are in danger of your heels getting stepped on, but don’t run and create a catastrophic crash. Keep a safe speed, and watch with precaution.

Get ready for homework! Most teachers have a no nonsense rule of getting all work in on time and completed fully. Prepare yourself for some long nights of writing essays, doing vocabulary and math problems- possibly all in one night.To help decrease this madness of piling work, you can compile a small study group or buddy. Study groups are not meant to cheat off each other, but to instead bounce off ideas and ask questions. If you are working on homework and get stuck, do not be afraid to email teachers and ask questions. As long as you do not email in the middle of the night, they will probably respond back to you.  

High school is the beginning of your future. Start thinking about your resume for college and how you want the next four years to be. GPA starts your freshman year, and being grade conscious isn’t a bad idea. Also, clubs are another great thing to put on a resume and makes you seem well-rounded in your community. Colleges want well-rounded students in their school and by joining clubs, having good grades and participating in sports pushes you above a student who might just have good grades.

Emails are the main source of communication in high school. It’s a way to reach your teachers, receive important reminders and learn updates about what’s happening around the school.  Colleges also use personal school emails to keep their students informed. You should check your email at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Getting in the habit of checking your email daily will help you keep updated and be useful in college and adult life.

High school is a great place to explore yourself, but always stay true to you. Be confident in yourself as an individual and realize your true potential. Also, don’t forget your real friends who are there for you no matter the circumstance. Friends are vital to keep you sane for the next four years of high school. Dress how you want, whether in a dress or sweats and don’t be afraid to explore new fashion. No one cares whether you are dressing to the nines or in the comfortable fours.

These tips combined will help make your freshman year as simple as possible. Follow them, and you will be ready for your freshman year of high school.