Campuses Sweep With District Titles


All UIL competing campuses have been named District Champs this year in UIL Academics.  The high school contests were held over two days with 22 academic events.  LHS came back with multiple team awards and 44 individual and team awards.

The high school one-act play is competing today at Area competition, and multiple academics students will compete April 13-14 at Regionals.

Results for District:

6th Number Sense – Ronak Desai
6th Math – Andre Samaraweera

2nd Current Events Team (TIE)
3rd Current Events – Evan Bewersdorf –Regional Qualifier–

1st Computer Applications – Zach Jones –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Computer Applications – Tyler Meador –Regional Qualifier–
6th Computer Applications – Morgan Gibson

2nd Computer Science Team –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Computer Science – Tyler Russell –Regional Qualifier–
3rd Computer Science – Tyler Meador –Regional Qualifier–

2nd Science Team
Top Scorer Physics – Tyler Russell –Regional Qualifier–

2nd Spelling – Evan Howell –Regional Qualifier–

1st Journalism Team
1st Feature Writing – Tyra Rodden –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Feature Writing – Adrienne Parks –Regional Qualifier–
3rd Feature Writing – Bailey Spencer –Regional Qualifier–
1st Editorial Writing – Adrienne Parks –Regional Qualifier–
3rd Editorial Writing – Tyra Rodden –Regional Qualifier–
5th Editorial Writing – Carter Colvin
1st Headline Writing – Adrienne Parks –Regional Qualifier–
5th Headline Writing – Colleen Starkey
1st News Writing – Emma Grace Cox –Regional Qualifier–
4th News Writing – Adrienne Parks

1st Social Studies Team –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Social Studies – Rick Samaraweera –Regional Qualifier–
4th Social Studies – Julia Austin
6th Social Studies – Peyton Pascual

2nd Ready Writing – Haley Bass –Regional Qualifier–

2nd Literary Criticism Team –Regional Qualifier–
3rd Literary Criticism – Samantha Rodden –Regional Qualifier–

1st Speech Team
1st LD Debate – Evan Bewersdorf –Regional Qualifier–
4th LD Debate – Ally Perkins
5th LD Debate – Ashlyn Ellgass

1st Prose Interpretation – Maddie Mezzell –Regional Qualifier–
4th Prose Interpretation – Jeremy Guidotti

2nd Poetry Interpretation – Elizabeth Tagg –Regional Qualifier–
3rd Poetry Interpretation – Samantha Rodden –Regional Qualifier–

1st Informative Speaking – Evan Bewersdorf –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Informative Speaking – Ashlyn Ellgass –Regional Qualifier–

1st Persuasive Speaking – Anthony Wyatt –Regional Qualifier–
2nd Persuasive Speaking – Ronak Desai –Regional Qualifier–
4th Persuasive Speaking – Zach Jones