NHS Works Together to Feed the Community


NHS student volunteers pack food bags at East Texas Food Bank. This organization has acted as a “saving grace” for many hungry families.

Students involved in National Honors Society volunteered at the East Texas Food Bank on Wednesday, February 28. With guidance of food bank employees and NHS Sponsor Sally Clemmons, students were able to provide families their next meal.

“It makes my heart happy to see the students working to serve others,”  NHS Sponsor Sally Clemmons said. “It just solidifies my confidence and belief in the next generation. The students this year are hard workers and have completed so many hours of service work in the school and community.”

The main focus at the East Texas Food Bank on this trip was making food packs for families in need. Each student volunteer had a specific job of packing different things into zip-lock bags while some folded and packed boxes.

It makes my heart happy to see the students working to serve others.”

— Sally Clemmons

“The East Texas Food Bank is one of the most efficient nonprofits I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” NHS President Elizabeth Tagg said. “East Texas is very blessed to have such a productive and efficient organization serving the communities.”

The East Texas Food Bank is known to feed the sheer magnitude of those in need that others simply cannot afford to get to. Local food banks who cannot serve the numbers they need to rely on this organization strongly.

“The food bank is a fun atmosphere,” junior Madeline Phillips said. “The staff is nice and you can crack jokes and play with your friends as you work. I think the NHS students this year were very determined and focused but also were able to make it fun as they completed their jobs.”

Student volunteers received three service hour credits for their work at the food bank. By March 20, members of NHS are expected to have at least 15 hours of community service.

“I feel like NHS students this year are very involved with helping others and have a strong work ethic to help people in their community,” junior Reece Calverley said. “I love being a part of NHS because I enjoy helping others along with my friends and the leadership of Mrs. Clemmons.”