Junior Named February Student of the Month


Sydney Smith

Annie Evans poses for picture in the Performing Arts Center. She spends a lot of time there working as a theatre stage manager.

President of choir, assistant stage manager of theatre, newspaper staff member and ranked 14 in her class, junior Annie Evans is an accomplished student of Lindale High School who was just given Lindale ISD’s February Student of the Month award. The award is given out and decided on by Principal Valerie Payne with the help of a principal committee, and given to a student who shows exceptional work in and outside of the classroom.

“I feel very honored to receive this award,” Evans said. “I know there are many other students who are very deserving of the recognition, so it means a lot to me that I was chosen.”

Annie moved to Lindale her sophomore year and quickly began to demonstrate her natural leadership abilities around the classroom and in her extracurriculars. Her attitude and approach to life makes her stand apart from other students. She always rises to the challenge and strives to exceed expectations in whatever she is doing.

Annie is someone that you know that you can count on.”

— Rachel Williams

“Annie works hard at everything she sets out to do,” Lindale theatre director Taylor Jarman said. “Annie gives countless hours to support the various activities she is involved in.”

Annie has always had big goals for the future and is determined to do whatever it takes to reach said goals. She wants to attend a well-known university to become a book editor and own her own book-editing company one day.

“Ever since I was little, I have had big dreams for college and what comes after,” Annie said. “I know where I want to go and the work that needs to go into getting there.”

Not only is Annie a standout student, but she is also a reliable friend and family member. She draws people in with her kind and positive spirit and ensures that her friends always know that they can count on her when in need.

“Annie is someone that you know that you can count on,” junior and friend Rachel Williams said. “She is so positive and always smiling.”