Sonic games victory

Senior Sonic carhop wins award at national competition


Courtesy Photo

Brianna Livingston with Sonic CEO, J. Clifford Hudson

Senior Brianna Livingston came home from California last week with an award in hand and improved teamwork after competing in Dr. Pepper’s Sonic Games. Out of 2,700 Sonic Restaurants, the Lindale store in front of Wal-Mart was picked as one of the top 12 in the nation. Brianna and six others from her store were chosen to compete.

 “Dr. Pepper sponsors the games,” Briana said. “They pay for everything, including airplane tickets, hotel stays and every meal.”

 The first day of the competition Briana competed with her co-workers in the team challenge. Six cars holding four people (for each team) order the same thing, the same way, at the same pace and time per team.

 “The goal of this is to test your teamwork,” Briana said. “To win, you must follow all of the Sonic rules while working fast and efficiently as a team to get everything to the ‘customers’ as quickly and accurately as possible.”

 She and other contestants competed individually the next day where Brianna won a bronze award for working the switchboard (taking orders). Afterwards, each contestant was taken one at a time to be interrogated over their STAR guide, which holds the procedures and rules at Sonic.

 “The highlight of this trip was definitely spending time with my team,” Brianna said. “We grew closer through the week. Also, having my best friend on my team made the trip that much better.”